Hi, I'm Ümit (means hope in Turkish), and I'm a software engineer. I live in Istanbul Turkey.

I love coding, problem solving, fitness and photography. Unlike most of the developers, I'm not that much into coffee. Yes, I like it but I'm not particular about the beans or the brewing method.

I use Typescript, React, Svelte, Node js, Go and Python at my projects.

To contact me, you can send a mail to umitde296@gmail.com


Graduated from the University

On June 2023, I graduated from the Duzce University. It was a great experience for me. I've worked on couple of projects in the University and tried different technologies.

Joined Cressoft

Since I'd finished all of my classes, I was able to work full time. Thanks to that, I started working with Cressfot Consultancy on July 2022.

Started working part-time

I started working as a part-time full stack developer at a digital agency. We mainly used python/django, wordpress, react and docker for our web apps. At this time, I started working in linux since our servers were in linux. Because of that, I got used to vim. Now I'm using vim in all of my editors.

Started at Duzce University

I moved to Duzce from Istanbul because of the University. I was so happy.

Maker Projects

I worked on some projects for my high school. I mainly used C# with image processing for the projects. I worked on a gesture robot that imitates your gestures, a mirror that takes a photo when you smile, an autonomous car prototype (super basic) and an app that aims to teach shapes and colors to the children.

Internship in high school

I've worked for a year as a web developer intern at a digital agency.


I was born on April 4, 2000